Soup Reset Cleanse


It's winter.  .   . it's cold!!  Are people getting sick all around you?  Have you been sick already this winter?  Pneumonia, bronchitis, nasty flus are going around!! YUCK!!

Or are you simply feeling pale and flabby and having trouble motivating this winter?  Still holding onto those extra holiday pounds? Not exercising in the New Year like you had planned?

Would you like to ease your digestion, boost your immune system and metabolism and finally start to feel better all around? Well we want to walk you though 7 days to RESET your entire being!!!  It's time to get soupy!!!



Reset Digestion

The warmth of soup makes your meal easily digestible and helps your body absorb the vitamins and minerals present in the ingredients.

Boost Immunity

Nourish your body’s microbiome to help build up the good bugs and  fight off the bad ones.

Regain Vitality

Get your body back to square one. Revitalization occurs when your body is operating at top levels.


Before we get to the what, let’s think about the why. Why cleanse in the first place? Perhaps you've been indulging  a bit too much and you haven’t been making the healthiest of choices when it comes to your eating habits. Maybe you just want to hop on the new year, new you train and reset your body as we head into 2019. Whatever your reason for why, we promise you’ll be impressed by the results you’ll see after only 7 days of Soup Reset.

We know cleanses can feel like a big commitment, but they’re worth it for so many reasons.

The Soup RESET Program

We know cleansing can be a bit intimidating so that’s why we’re keeping things easy!  The Soup RESET Kit will be delivered right to your door and provide you with all the resources needed for a simple and successful cleanse.


  • RESET Warm Smoothie Powder
  • Indigo Dragon Soup & Tea Mug
  • Specially formulated Chinese herbs designed to boost immune system & metabolism, and increase vitality
  • Moxa & moxa extinguisher for the Soup RESET point protocol to boost digestion & immunity
  • Soup Reset Booklet filled with instructions & delicious recipes
  • Access to the Indigo Dragon Academy Classroom with cleanse instructions, education for building digestive fire, and more


  • A post cleanse reintegration online meeting & plan
  • Exclusive LuckyBolt Cooking Class in person or online

Why Soup Over Juice?

Ancient medical practices like Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda stress the importance of whole foods that are well cooked. Juicing vegetables and fruit remove the fiber needed to help your body absorb crucial vitamins and minerals. This can leave your system running on sugars and while you may feel great while cleansing, it's burning out your digestion with each drink of the cold juices.
This is where soup comes in! According to Chinese Medicine, warm beverages and foods are far better for digestion and keep your metabolism moving. Not only that, but what’s not to love about a warm bowl of soup in the winter months? We want to keep you comfy, cozy, and nourished.

Soups are higher in fiber than juice and include the healthy fats your body needs to break down sugars at an even pace, giving you solid, sustainable energy to handle even the busiest of days. While your body works on soaking in all of the nutrients, you’re left feeling full and satisfied.

Not only does soup help your body, you’re helping Mother Nature too. Juicing results in huge amounts of food waste that unfortunately contribute to the Greenhouse Gas Effect and Global Warming. Soup produces far less waste, reducing our negative impact on the Earth.

Soup for one and soup for all. Let’s better our health and the health of our planet one bowl at a time!

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"I was a little hesitant to try this but this was easy. I discovered that I love soup and had good energy afterwards. I even lost a few pounds."

Lavonne Wells

"I haven't posted in here yet but now that I am at the end I wanted to say thanks you to Jen & Ashley. I am happy I made it to the end and it wasn't as hard as I thought. I really wanted to do something special for myself this month as it's been a very hard year. I lost 4 pounds mostly due to holiday stress and wine."

Ali Schiller

"I've tried many of the Indigo Dragon Academy cleanses. This one is easy and fun! I felt great during the cleanse and have kept up with eating soup for dinner."

Erika Potter

5 Reasons A Soup Cleanse Kicks A Juice Cleanse To The Curb

  1. You get to keep it simple and take it back to your roots. Remember when you were sick as a kid and your mom nursed you back to health with a nice, warm bowl of soup? We took notes and know just how powerful a good soup can be.  It doesn’t take much more than a warm bowl of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to give your body the healthy boost it craves.
  2. Juice is made up of primarily fruits which are high in sugar, take your body longer to break down, and spike your blood sugar levels. Soup on the other hand is heavy on the veggies which are naturally lower in sugar and leave your body much more balanced.
  3. Straight up, soup is way cheaper! Think about how much people charge for a single bottle of juice and now think of how many ingredients you can buy with that same amount. Soup ingredients last longer, can travel from farther, and can be repurposed in ways that juice ingredients just can’t.
  4. If you’ve ever tried a juice cleanse, you know just how hungry you can get. A soup cleanse eliminates that problem because you’re still filling your belly with substance, but only the good kind.
  5. Soup provides variety that you just can’t get with juice! There are endless combinations of veggies, spices, and broths that you can combine to create delicious meals that keep you on your toes.

What to Eat & What to Avoid

You are what you eat and you deserve the opportunity to give yourself the chance to be the best you! During these 7 days you will eliminate processed foods, sugars, dairy, gluten, and meat. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can also take a break from caffeine to give your body an extra boost in the right direction.
You’ll start each day with an energizing ginger and lemon tea, enjoy a specially designed warm breakfast smoothie, fill your belly with a traditional congee at lunch, and slurp down a delicious and comforting soup for dinner. Twice each day you’ll sip an exclusive Chinese herb tea to boost digestion. It’s that easy!
We can’t wait to hear how you feel after these 7 days. We bet you’re going to feel better than ever and will be hooked on soup - we know we are.


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