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The Soup RESET Cleanse Kit delivered to your door

24/7 Access to the Indigo Dragon Academy Classroom 

Instructional booklet including delicious recipes & shopping lists


Let us cook for you!  We will prepare delicious lunch & dinner for you.  Available for pickup at Indigo Dragon Center.  That leaves the morning smoothie and a snack left for you to prepare. (Add to cart at checkout)



*Conscious Eating Meditation

* Microbiome Boost Moxa Protocol

*Invite to our Exclusive Post Cleanse Integration Online Meeting




What People Are Saying:

I did the Soup Cleanse in hopes to help change my horrible eating habits. I was eating a ton of sugar/carbs daily and as a result, I was the heaviest I've ever been. The cleanse taught me a lot about my gut and helped kick start a huge lifestyle change. 10 months later, I have lost 15 pounds, am less bloated and have more energy. I would highly recommend the Soup Reset Cleanse!

Kaylie Everhart

A year ago, I was diagnosed as "exogenously obese, borderline diabetic" with blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Jen started working with me suggested I take the Soup Reset Cleanse. I did. And my blood pressure came down. And stayed down. I've taken a life lesson, and realized that my high blood pressure was directly related to the "food" I was eating. The weeklong cleanse allowed me to break my addictions to refined sugar, wheat, and corn. The weight I worked so hard to lose has stayed off; I have more energy throughout the day; and, quite simply, feel better. I highly recommend the "Soup Reset Cleanse" from the Indigo Dragon Academy for anyone suffering from eating what we're told is "food."

Keith Schillington

I haven't posted in here yet but now that I am at the end I wanted to say thank you to Jen & Ashley. I am happy I made it to the end and it wasn't as hard as I thought. I really wanted to do something special for myself this month as it's been a very hard year. I lost 4 pounds mostly due to holiday stress and wine.

Ali Schiller

I was a little hesitant to try this but this was easy. I discovered that I love soup and had good energy afterwards. I even lost a few pounds.

Lavonne Wells

I've tried many of the Indigo Dragon Academy cleanses. This one is easy and fun! I felt great during the cleanse and have kept up with eating soup for dinner.

Erika Potter