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Time to switch up those bad habits?

It's easy in the hustle and bustle to pick up bad habits. Quick "not so good for you" meals, too much caffeine, less exercise and little sleep. It's time to reset those! Get glowing skin, increased libido, reduced body pain, better sleep, and improved stress response, all in 11 days. The Indigo Dragon Liver & Gallbladder Flush is the smartest and easiest way to start you off right for the summer!

Ultimate Self-Care For Your Liver and Gallbladder

Taking care of our vital organs is an essential part of self-care. Through our private members area, learn about your liver & gallbladder function and what you can do to keep these vital organs healthy. 

Vibrant Long-Term Health

Unlike many fad cleanses where you feel good for about a week and then you’re back where you began, our program is rooted in 2,000 years of ancient wisdom and knowledge and is designed to improve your long-term health. Your health is only going forward.

Feeling Great Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

In just 11 days you will be on the road to feeling better and living the life you were meant to live. It really is that simple!

How May the Liver & Gallbladder Flush Help You?

We've helped hundreds of people and we'd love a chance to help you get feeling great for summer!

Imagine What Would Happen If You Never Changed Your Car's Oil?


 You want to feel your best. You know you could doing more to increase your health. You wish someone would guide you and make it simple. At the same time, you don't want to sacrifice certain parts of your lifestyle, like grabbing an ice cream cone with the family or a glass of wine with your friends.

Well, we have some good news: What you need is an oil change! Not literally, of course, but it's the best way to think of The Liver & Gallbladder Flush.

 With the Flush we’ll teach you how to get rid of nasty parasites that you might not even realize you have, we’ll get your bowels moving and clean, and then we’ll flush out your liver & gallbladder. After 11 quick days you'll be just like your car after an oil change --fluids topped off and a spin through the car wash. Only better. 


It's simple, supportive, and the perfect start on the path to health.

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The Liver & Gallbladder Flush  Kit includes...

  • Online training to learn how to do The Flush
  • Specially Formulated Supplements at your door (Parasite Eliminator, Malic Acid Lemonade, Colon Comfort Smoothie Powder)
  • The Flushers Private Facebook Group for support and any questions
  • Step-by-step online 11-day program
  • Bonus Essential Oils to enhance The Flush
  • Access to Flush Professionals
  • Start when it's convenient for you
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Take a Quick Peek Inside our Members Only Area


Once you've signed up for The Flush you gain instant access to our MEMBERS AREA & online learning classroom.  It contains not only the “how” but also the “why” every step of the way, so you are informed and ready to go.  We offer a zoom check in this month to get questions answered and feel inspired to go all the way!


The Simplest and Best Investment For A Healthy Life

We have had hundreds of people successfully and safely complete our program.  No starvation diets or counting calories here. We purposely have made it simple and doable. No need to make things complicated.

You may be thinking, I don't have time, it costs too much, I don't think it will work. There are so many excuses for NOT doing this program but the truth is  all of them are roadblocks stopping you from better health.



Here What Others Have to Say

Don't take our word for it. Here's a few of our Flushers giving you the nudge you need to go for it!


Pricing Options

We provide a personalized approach for each person doing The Flush, so we have a limited amount of space in the program. The cost of the program includes a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom you will use for years to come.

Two Monthly Payments


For One Person

-Flush Kit Delivered to Your Door

-Access to Members Only Classroom

-Private Facebook Group

-Flush Meditation

-BONUS-Essential Oil Point Combination


Flush For One


One Time Payment

-Flush Kit Delivered to Your Door

-Access to Members Only Classroom

-Private Facebook Group

-Flush Meditation

-BONUS-Essential Oil Point Combination


Flush for Two


One Time Payment

-Flush Kit Delivered to Your Door

-Access to Members Only Classroom

-Private Facebook Group

-Flush Meditation

-BONUS-Essential Oil Point Combination


Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel exceptional. If you follow and complete our program, reach out and ask us questions, and are still not satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 11 days of purchase. Results are not guaranteed but the more you reach out to us, the more we can help you have a successful flush experience. [email protected]


Avoid fried, fatty foods, red meat and significantly reduce -- or better yet -- avoid refined sugar, processed foods and alcohol.

Don't worry; you can still have your cup of coffee or tea!

We also give you a list of foods to enjoy & foods to avoid. In our follow-along booklet.

You will NEVER be hungry on The Flush!


Get Started Today


We love our Flushers so much that we like to give them as many tools as possible to be successful.

BONUS #1 Flush Meditation

Enhance your Day 10 flush with our custom meditation that will help your body flush with even more ease and help you have a deep sleep through the night.

BONUS #2 Essential Oils

 Our custom blend of essential oils for you to use on specific acupressure points that will help with digestion and give your liver an added boost.  

The Liver & Gallbladder Flush is the perfect first step to cleansing!

In the last 17 years, we have seen people do various cleanses. Most have found that they feel toxic during the process and many give up or never want to do them again. The Flush is the perfect first step to any cleanse. It prepares your body in the right way so that those intense detox symptoms that most people experience when cleansing don’t occur. After The Flush you will be ready for one of Indigo Dragon Academy's cleanses without all the yucky feelings. Give your Liver & Gallbladder the love they deserve. We are so excited to share this valuable tool with you.

Your Flush Aficionados:

Meet Ashley Lanahan, L.Ac. & Jennifer Seine, L.Ac owners of The Indigo Dragon Academy. For over 17 years they have been helping people improve their health through Chinese Medicine, nutrition, cleanses, and lifestyle guidance. Whether you come for a personalized treatment at Indigo Dragon Wellness Center or meet them in The Academy, you will leave feeling better than when you began.



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