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I don’t have a Gall Bladder, can I still The Flush?

It’s even more critical for you to do this cleanse.  Just removing the Gall Bladder hasn’t solved the underlying problems in the first place.  You will also need additional support post-cleanse. 

What about my medications?

Continue your physician's prescribed medications and ask your doctor should you have any questions.

What about my vitamins and other supplements?

For the length of the cleanse, pause any non-essential supplements.  If you know you need them, then continue taking them.

What’s different about this LV/GB Flush in comparison to others?

It’s led by seasoned licensed acupuncturists, you’re not left to figure it out on your own, you are supported during the entire cleanse, our products are top of the line and custom designed for you.  You choose to be part of a group of people all doing this at the same time.  But your involvement is really up to you.  We believe nobody should flush alone!

What can I expect from drinking the Epsom Salt Water?

In our experience, you will feel some tummy gurgles and movement in the intestines.  Since you are taking the Colon Comfort for nine days prior, your intestines will be moving.  Occasionally someone will experience diarrhea at this point.  If so, hydrate and decrease the amount of Epsom salt you are taking at each time.

What can I expect after drinking The Flush Formula?

Most of the time, after people get over the idea that they have just drunk a ½ cup of olive oil, people will feel lots of activity in the stomach.   Very rarely, people will feel nauseous or vomit. These symptoms are a sign of how badly your system needs to do The Flush.  Going to sleep right afterward is best and will let your body change while you are dreaming.  Don’t forget to listen to the 10pm meditation while falling asleep.

I already have loose stools, should I take the Colon Comfort Formula?

Yes, but take a ½ t.  Add one banana to your diet each day.

Can I do The Flush if I’m on another cleanse?

You can!  Only if you are feeling great should you add this to another cleanse?  Ultimately, it’s best to do this as step one before any other cleanse.

Can I do The Flush if I have HIV, Hepatitis or other Liver disease?

You can, but we would like for you to seek out the direction of a holistically minded physician and schedule a 30 min. Consult with one of our flush coaches.

What if I know I have Gallstones and Liver Stones?

It’s best to get an ultrasound before see how large the stones may be.  If they are too large, The Flush can be dangerous.  If this is the case, we suggest that you [add link] schedule a 30 min. Consult with one of our flush coaches.

How will I know if I have a medical emergency?

In very rare cases hospitalization and emergency treatment are needed.  If you are experiencing sudden sharp pain, difficulty walking and standing up straight,  or unstoppable vomiting, go to the Emergency Room immediately, you will need emergency treatment.

Will I experience detox symptoms?

Detox symptoms are to be expected including but not limited to headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, belching, blurry vision and low energy.

Will all my health problems be solved with one flush?

To get the results you are hoping to achieve, multiple cleanses, and additional support may be needed.  Remember this is a lifestyle to a “one and done” sort of thing.

What if I don’t want to drink the olive oil and grapefruit juice?

This part always sounds daunting.  About 1 in 100 people will vomit after drinking this.  Vomiting means you were just not ready yet.  Your body needs more preparation.  You didn’t do anything wrong.  IF this happens to you, please [add link] email us and we can help guide you through the next steps.  If you really feel strongly about not doing this part of The Flush ( 2 in every 100 people do) then do not take the Epsom salt.  Instead, take day 10 & 11 as light eating days, do extra lover massage and more essential oils with acupressure point combinations.


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