Unlock Your Hormonal Balance 

Are you struggling with weight gain, adult acne, low libido, or infertility challenges?

Do you suspect you are in perimenopause, or are suffering with menopausal issues?

There’s a big chance your hormones are out of whack!

Through hormone testing and a customized treatment plan we can help you get balanced, and back to feeling like the old you.


Our Unique Approach

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to balancing your hormones. That’s why each treatment plan is personalized to your individual needs, based on your actual test results.

1.Schedule a 15 minute discovery call with one of our hormone experts where we can learn your challenges, goals, and explain our program.

 2. During your 15 minute discovery call we will begin to understand your needs, desires and help you get ready to take your test.

3. You can expect your at-home urinary hormone panel to arrive at your doorstep within a week of signing up for the program.

4. Once you've sent in your test and we've received the results our team will review them and form a treatment plan customized to your specific needs.

5. Our favorite part is going over the results in our 45 min. call.  You will walk away with a solid action plan and understanding of how your hormones are affecting you and what can be done to improve your health.

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It’s one thing to see your hormone levels, but another to understand how they are being broken down and utilized in your body.    With The Complete Hormone Assessment you get a comprehensive understanding of both, plus the knowledge on how to have your hormones work for you.


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At Home Testing

Easy Convenient Fast

We’re all busy. That’s why The Complete Hormone Assessment provides in-home testing. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions (don’t worry – it’s easy!) plus support in case any questions arise.


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Too often, medical providers offer a one-size-fits-all solution to patients requiring hormone supplementation. We know that even if you’re experiencing similar complaints to another patient, your hormone story could be entirely different. We ensure your treatment plan is 100% unique to your individual body’s needs and your personal goals.

Sample Treatment Plan


I didn't recognize myself once menopause started...the guidance and support from Jennifer has me on the path back to myself again.  I feel more aligned with myself and how to manage menopause and everything from here on out.  


With Caileens intuition and knowledge of the female hormone system , together we’ve found solutions to balance my hormones free from hormone replacement therapy. My body feels more alive and organic than ever! 


As someone who was feeling lost in the murky middle of peri-menopause and menopause, Jen's wise counsel and loving support has helped me feel more grounded in my body and more in tune with the sacred flow of womanhood.  I'm so grateful!

Complete Hormone Assessment


Normally $795

  • Online Intake
  • 15 Min. Discovery Call
  • At-home Urine Hormone Test
  • Complete Hormone Panel Reading
  • 45 Min. Evaluation Call & Treatment Protocol

As Cyclical Beings...

our internal terrain is in a constant state of flux – an ever changing, fluid rhythm existing within ourselves. Knowing how to best care for our cyclical selves begins with gaining a deeper understanding of the cycles within us. -Dr. Caileen Vermilyea