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Fifteen years ago, Ashley Lanahan & Jennifer Seine opened Indigo Dragon Center for Health & Wellbeing. If you’ve ever been to Indigo Dragon, you know that it is indeed a sanctuary for healing.

Wether you visit their location in sunny Northern San Diego or join their team online for one of their many courses, one thing is true, you will feel better than when you arrived.  You will be renewed and inspired to live your best life!

After the first year of running and treating people in a multi-discipline wellness center, one thing became very apparent to Ashley & Jennifer.

No matter if people came in for knee pain, digestive problems, or headaches it all came back to the same obstacle: INFLAMMATION. While all of the services offered at Indigo Dragon would significantly help people improve their health, Ashley & Jennifer knew that there was even more that could be done to improve people's lives.

Digging into their own experience and their nutritional training they began to lead people on cleanses. These purpose of these cleanses is to help rid the body of inflammation, which is the root cause of almost all disease in the body. People started calling from all over asking if they could do a cleanse with Indigo Dragon.

The response was overwhelming! They began conducting cleanse meetings in yoga studios and fitness centers as well as spending time on the phone with people all over the world. What was incredible to witness was the people coming in for treatments at Indigo Dragon began to turn their health around.

From weight loss, allergy elimination and even getting pregnant, the cleanse programs were the final piece to helping people make real health changes. Due to the demand from people doing the cleanse all over the world, The Indigo Dragon Academy was born.

The Academy has grown to offer many other types of wellness and healing classes.  We are so blessed to have a wealth of instructors with many years experience.  You are in good hands, hearts and intentions here at The Indigo Dragon Academy!



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