21 Days to Alkalize Your Body


Reset & Restore Gut Health

Increase Energy

Lose Weight 

Boost Vitality


Join us as we lead you on a journey to alkalize the body through diet and lifestyle upgrades.  

What's Included:

Alkalizing Cleanse Kit: Smoothie Powder, Green Drink, Sleepy Time Tea, pH paper, Alkaline vs. Acidic Food Chart, Dry Skin Brushing & Instructions

Step by Step Instructions 

4 Group Meetings

Online Cleanse Classroom

Recipes & Food Inspiration

Access to Cleanse Experts during your 21 days

The Alkaline Cleanse is back and better than ever!   Join us as we go alkaline.  It's a feeling that gives you tremendous energy, great sleep, humming digestion, feeling lighter and happier through the use of eating alkaline foods, specialized supplements, and self care techniques.  You can start it's the perfect timing for you.  Our self guided Cleanse Classroom, recipes and step by step instructions is all you need.  But don't worry, should you need us, you have access to Ashley Lanahan & Jennifer Seine during your cleanse experience.  We believe nobody should cleanse alone, and we are committed to being there for you.  

Your success is our success!


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