Imagine What Would Happen If You Never Changed Your Car's Oil?


You want to feel your best. You know you could doing more to increase your health. But you don't want to become vegan or give up gluten forever. Well we've got news for you: What you need is an oil change! Not literally, of course, but it's the best way to think of The Liver & Gallbladder Flush.

With the Flush you'll get rid of nasty parasites (90% of people have them), get your bowels moving and clean, and flush out your liver & gallbladder.

And after 11 days you'll be just like your car after an oil change --fluids topped off and a spin through the car wash. Only better.

It's simple, supportive, and exactly what you need to start on the path to health.

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Flush With Us

The Indigo Dragon Liver & Gallbladder Flush is EXACTLY what you need to step into spring.

Break Time for Your LV & GB

Knowledge is the true catalyst for change.  Learn EXACTLY how your liver & gallbladder function according to Chinese Medicine and what you can do to keep these vital organs healthy.

Improve Health

11 days isn't a long time to create change in your body.  But with our program, 11 days will get you on the road to feeling better and living the life you were meant to live.

Get Glowing

Healthier skin, some extra pep in your step, more energy, better sleep, and reduced reaction to stress in 11 days.

The Liver & Gallbladder Flush is Step One to a Better Functioning System.

And we help you every step of the way! If you'd like to join us, sign up now. There are a .imited number of spaces in our program.  Are you ready?   But first, you've got to sign up!

What’s Included:

  • Live training (and recorded version) to learn how to do The Flush
  • Specially Formulated Supplements at your door (Parasite Eliminator, Malic Acid Lemonade, Colon Comfort Smoothie Powder)
  • The Flushers Private Facebook Group for support and any questions
  • Step-by-step online 11-day program
  • Bonus Essential Oils to enhance The Flush

P.S. You can start anytime but you will need to order soon so we can have your Flush Kit ready for you. We will be sending you more information soon!

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The Flush is simple to do!  What's the health cost of not doing this?

No starvation diets or counting calories here. We simply ask that you avoid fried, fatty foods and significantly reduce -- or better yet -- avoid sugar and alcohol.  Don't worry; you can still have your cup of coffee or tea!  There are so many excuses for NOT doing this program.  The biggest detriment to your health is coming up with excuses as to why not do the program.  I don't have time, it costs too much, I don't think it will work, are all roadblocks stopping you from better health.  Not taking the time to do this will eventually end you up with disease, sick time and .....

"Five days following completion of my Flush... I'm sleeping like never before, deeply and awakening content. I'm moving into my work and creative process without my familiar resistance. I'm feeling the potential of possibilities vs the sadness of the past. Parasites be gone!! Bring my authentic LIFE on!!!! Thank you Jennifer and Ashley and all of you!"

Sharon Belknap
Encinitas, CA

"I waited to announce this, because I did not want to jinx myself, but I have NOT been having my usual near-nightly temperature spikes/subsequent sweats (sorry if TMI! Hopefully, y'all will still love me knowing that intimate detail) I am beyond elated! I strongly suspect our flush as having been a major player in my recent shifts."

Marsha Lindsey

"10:00 (ish) on Day 10! Olive oil down the hatch. Besides being able to drive up the California Coast on my own ass (I mean gas) everything is normal Although i do feel a tiny bit like super woman as have I very little back pain and I feel well hydrated. This flush did a lot more for me then just flush my organs. I proved a lot of things to myself during this time. I became more patient with myself and allowed myself to enjoy the beautiful things which I don't usually because I'm always in a rush. Little things like stopping at the beach for a half hour while doing my normal errands. I also proved to myself that I don't need that glass of wine each night to relax. In fact I've become a lover of warm lemon water and baked or fresh beets! Not only am I proud of myself, but my teenage boys have also mentioned my diligence with these choices I've made during the flush. I coudn't recommend this to enough people! It's a very personal decision, and your mind and body need to agree it's the right time for you. My mind and body did meet and I think that is why I had such a spiritual experience. Thanks again ladies for the opportunity to partake in this eye-opening adventure. Night, night. On to Day 11!"

Andi Baird Carter
San Diego, CA

"Day 9 of the Flush and things are moving along as they should be. My liver just received rave reviews by Jen! Jennifer and Ashley have made doing this flush so easy. I encourage you to do it and flush that liver and gallbladder. Your body will thank you!"

Joyce Marquez Magner
Encinitas, CA

"Day 11. I haven't posted yet in here but now that I'm at the end I didn't want to forget to say thank you to Jennifer & Ashley. I'm so happy to have made it to the end (not as crazy as I thought it would be) because I really wanted to do something healthy for myself this month and close the book on what felt like a very hard year. Now I feel great. I lost 4lbs (mostly due to stress/holiday wine consumption) and I got out my blender and juicer for the first time in ages. I found it was far easier to drink the beets than remember to grate them. Yesterday was the hardest because I never ever skip dinner and so by 8pm I was extremely irritable and ready for bed. I always think of myself as eating pretty healthy but in truth I can do a lot better and though the parameters were loose enough to not cause me stress they were strict enough to clean up my diet to the point where I can feel and see the difference. My liver, gallbladder, and general sense of well being all thank you."

Ali Schiller

The Liver & Gallbladder Flush is STEP ONE for any cleanse that you’ll ever do!

We are so excited to share this valuable tool with you. In the last 17 years, we have seen people do various cleanses to find that they feel toxic during the process that many give up or never want to do another again. The Flush is step One to any cleanse you'll ever do. Prepare your body right & eliminate a lot of those detox symptoms. Give your Liver & Gallbladder the love it deserves. *BONUS-We give you our custom essential oil blend and acupressure point combination to enhance the results of Your Flush.

Your Flush Aficionados:

Meet Ashley Lanahan, L.Ac. & Jennifer Seine, L.Ac owners of The Indigo Dragon Academy. For over 16 years they have been helping people improve their health through Chinese Medicine, nutrition, cleanses, and lifestyle guidance. Whether you come for a personalized treatment at Indigo Dragon Wellness Center or meet them in The Academy, you will leave feeling better than when you began.


Our 100% Guarantee

If you follow and complete our program, are involved in the FB Group, reach out and ask us questions. If after that you are not satisfies then we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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